PhD Student, UNC - Chapel Hill Sociology

Hello! I'm Anna, and I'm a fifth-year PhD student in UNC - Chapel Hill's department of sociology. I use qualitative methods to study public opinion, and my research areas include perceptions of justice, wealth, poverty, family, and religion in the U.S. South. I also teach Sociology 101, or Sociological Perspectives, to undergrads here at UNC.

You can access my CV here.

In addition to my research and teaching responsibilities, I enjoy being an active member of my UNC department community. I am an assistant editor for Social Forces journal, have represented grad students on tenure-track faculty hiring committees, and recently concluded my second term as our Graduate Student Association's Co-President, during which time I led a student-oriented internal review of department offerings. These roles allow me to live into my values of inclusive leadership: seeking feedback from others to strengthen not only sociological research, but also the climate in which we conduct our research. I also enjoy editing manuscripts for faculty writing qualitative pieces, and I previously served on the department's Social Committee.

When I'm not doing sociology (aren't we always "doing" sociology, though?), I love spending time with my partner, pup, and cat, as well as my siblings and niblings. You can usually find me puzzling through melodies on the piano, curating my annual picture-of-the-day project, hosting a movie night, gushing over my friends, or scheming a dance party.